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Morgan Sindall and SCAPE

Morgan Sindall Construction recently completed refurbishment works to Darley Bank and Peak Court student accommodation at the University of Derby. The project was economically very successful. Of equal importance for the site team, however, was its commitment to deliver a social and economic boost to the local community outside of just bricks and mortar.

A key driver behind this was its procurement through the SCAPE National Construction framework. As a leading public sector procurement authority, it is dedicated to creating efficiency and social value via the built environment, with all of its delivery partners tasked with achieving at least 20% of the contract value in monetised Social Value.

The project provided an opportunity to work with Grace Enterprises first social enterprise Radiant Cleaners, a real Living Wage employer that provides employment opportunities to disadvantaged adults who may have struggled with homelessness, learning difficulties, mental health and language barriers. Two cleaners were appointed on the project to ensure the site office and welfare areas maintained high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Through the success of Radiant Cleaners work with Morgan Sindell SCAPE have then continued the relationship with the Grace Enterprises family becoming a partner of Half the Story. This allows them to continue to add the their social value goals making purchases that provide tangible benefits to the local community.


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