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The Radiant Cleaners employee team smiling.

Transforming lives through supportive employment in our sustainable businesses

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Grace Enterprises is growing a network of social enterprises to provide supportive employment for those with multiple barriers to work.

We are passionate about seeing people's lives positively impacted through meaningful work in ethical businesses, and are on a mission to create more sustainable jobs.

"Now I've got a job my life is a lot better, I'm not isolated, I have the chance to get out and meet different people. I feel like someone again. My confidence is a lot better, I'm more positive, I've got more hope."
Sarah, one of our first employees 

Our Social Enterprises

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Our award-winning cleaning company, founded in 2017.

A member of the Radiant Cleaners team mopping the offices at Morgan Sindell


It's not about the biscuit! It's the people who made it.

Half the Story team members loading boxes of biscuits into a van
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Delivering excellent events with an ethical focus.

Jubilee Events team members serving at an event
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Could you help us launch a new social enterprise to see lives transformed?

A sign reads "turn ideas into reality"
Jubilee Events team wearing branded high vis and hard hats


Employees who agree that working for a Grace Enterprises business affects their life positively 


Number of people who have been employed in a Grace Enterprises business to date


Increased sense of purpose on average for employees since starting work in one of our businesses

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