Nottingham is a great city, which also faces big challenges. Here at Grace Enterprises we believe we are called to make a difference.


Grace Enterprises is part of Grace Church Nottingham and together we believe that truly being church involves so much more than just Sunday services. The church has a huge role to play in loving our city and helping people in day-to-day life. We are dedicated to growing sustainable businesses with the power to transform lives.

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Our Story

The Grace Enterprises Team

Our Vision

Churches are well known for helping in times of crisis, supporting people through initiatives such as food banks and soup kitchens. However at Grace Enterprises we want to help people do more than just survive because Jesus promised ‘life to the full’. By creating a network of businesses big and small we are aiming to provide meaningful employment opportunities for a whole range of people, including those who might otherwise struggle to get work.


Matt Parfitt

Our History

Grace Enterprises was founded by Matt Parfitt, who for the previous 10 years ran a successful landscape gardening company with the same ethos. Although Fruitful Oaks worked very well at a small scale Matt's vision was for something bigger. In 2017 he set about creating a more versatile organisation that could support many more people into employment across multiple business sectors, and so Grace Enterprises was born.

Radiant Cleaners at work

Case Study: Radiant Cleaners

Radiant Cleaners is the first of the Grace Enterprises family. They are an award winning, socially responsible cleaning company helping people to transform their lives. With commercial contracts across the city they offer real jobs to real people in a supportive family environment. 

They have already experienced significant success in changing lives in Nottingham and have featured regularly in the press. The BBC's Sunday Politics show used them as a case study into improving employment prospects for people coming out of prison.

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