Growing sustainable, commercially competitive and socially responsible businesses.

Grace Enterprises aims to grow a network of sustainable, commercially competitive and socially responsible businesses that help reduce long-term unemployment and poverty in Nottingham.


Our goal is to create jobs that offer opportunities to those who traditionally struggle to find work, for example those who have suffered with addiction, have worked in the sex industry, experienced homelessness or prison.


Our first business is a Social Enterprise cleaning company called Radiant Cleaners. After just 9 months it is profitable, employing a team of 14 and is helping people to transform their lives.

What we do

With a core team of skilled contributors we provide all the expertise an entrepreneur needs to get their business idea up and running. This includes creating their online presence, marketing strategies, financial information and much more. We also provide on going services such as admin support and business development advice. Setting up well equipped businesses which are sustainable for the long term.

All the businesses we manage share our core vision. Like us they believe in treating people as we all would want to be treated, we and all the companies managed by us pay employees at least the real Living Wage (as opposed to the minimum wage) and provide sick and holiday pay.  By paying all our staff well, providing training, and treating them fairly we aim to give them stability and security whilst equipping them for the future. You can read more about the Real Living Wage and other initiatives we are part of on our partners page.

Our Partners

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